Coreldraw first tool to last tools discussion

1- Pick Tool :

This tool lets you select, move, and transform objects within your document so long as they're on the working page and unlocked.


2- Freehand Pick tool :

Select objects by using a freehand selection marquee. Position and transform objects.

freehand tools

3- Free Transform :

This tool allows you to rotate, skew, scale, and reflect objects by choosing the method of manipulation in the Property Bar.

freehand tools

4- Shape Tool (F10) :

This tool allows users to edit objects, curves, and text by manipulating their nodes.

freehand tools

5- Smooth Tool :

This tool smoothes an object's path when you drag it across an object's outline. When possible, the tool reduces and simplifies the shape and number of nodes found in the path in order to smooth it out.

freehand tools

6- Smear Tool :

This distortion tool allows the user to drag the edge of an object out into a tapered shape. Users can adjust the tool's options and how the smear affects the object in the Property Bar.

freehand tools

7- Twirl Tool :

This tool swirls an object's edges toward the center of the cursor as you drag it around the object. You can alter the twirl direction and rate in the Property Bar.

8- Attract tool :

Reshape objects by attracting nodes to the cursor.

9- Repel tool :

Reshape objects by pushing nodes away from the cursor.

10- Smudge Tool :

This tool changes the shape of an object, not just its edges, when you drag the tool across it. You can adjust the tool's settings in the Property Bar.

11- Roughen Brush tool :

Distort the edge of an object by dragging along its outline.

12- Crop Tool :

This tool allows you to select an area of the working document and instantly delete everything outside that selection, effectively cutting it out of the document.

13- Knife Tool (Premium) :

This tool is found within the toolbox if you are a Premium subscriber. It furthers the options of the Knife tool by allowing you to split objects directly, with a gap, or an overlap.

14- Knife Tool :

This tool allows you to split an object into two separate objects. Additional options for the tool are found in the Property Bar while the tool is in use.

15- Eraser tool :

The Eraser tool lets you remove areas of your drawing.

16- Zoom tool :

The Zoom tool lets you change the magnification level in the drawing window.

17- Pan Tool (H) :

This hand-shaped tool allows you to grab and pan across and around a working document. It's especially helpful when working on elements off the page or when moving around a document without zooming out to see more of it.

18- Freehand Tool (F5) :

This curve tool allows you to draw lines, curves, and shapes freely without thinking about where to place nodes or the angles of curves. You can draw segments of lines and objects, connect to open nodes, and close objects quickly and easily with this tool as well.

19- 2-Point Line Tool :

This tool allows you to draw straight lines between two points by dragging from one point to another. Lines can be drawn either straight, perpendicular, or at a tangent to other objects depending on which option is chosen in the Property bar.

20- Bezier Tool :

This curve tool allows you to draw one segment of a curve or line at a time. Similar to the Pen tool, users place the nodes of a line or curve manually. This tool, however, does not allow users to preview curves before placing them, unlike some of the other curve tools.

21- Pen Tool :

This curve tool allows you to place nodes to draw straight lines and curves. Unlike the Bezier tool, it lets you preview curves and lines as they're being placed and drawn, giving you greater control when creating lines and objects.

22- B-Spline tool :

Draw curved lines by setting control points that shape the curve without breaking it into segments.

23- Polyline tool :

Draw connected curves and straight lines in one continuous action.

24- 3-Point Curve Tool :

A drawing tool that allows you to create a curved line by first defining the length of the line and then defining the curve of that line. The third point is the center point of the curve, which you can manipulate and preview while drawing the line.

25- Smart Drawing Tool (Shift-S) :

This curve tool converts paths drawn into either smoothed out paths or basic shapes. Ellipses, polygons, and rectangles can all be created with this predictive, smart drawing tool. This tool works especially well with pressure-enabled graphic tablets.

26- LiveSketch tool :

The LiveSketch tool lets you sketch naturally with intelligent stroke adjustment.

27- Artistic media tool :

The Artistic media tool provides access to the Preset, Brush, Sprayer, Calligraphic, and Expression tools.

28- Rectangle tool :

The Rectangle tool lets you draw rectangles and squares.

29- 3-Point Rectangle Tool :

A shape tool that creates rectangles and squares by defining the width of the shape and building the ellipse outward from that line. It starts in a way that's similar to the 2-Point Line, but once the line is drawn you create a rectangle or square.

30- Ellipse tool :

The Ellipse tool lets you draw ellipses and circles.

31- 3-Point Ellipse Tool :

A shape tool that creates ellipses and circles by defining the diameter of the shape and building the ellipse outward from that line. It starts in a way that's similar to the 2-Point Line, but once the line is drawn you create an ellipse or circle.

32- Polygon tool :

The Polygon tool lets you draw symmetrical polygons and stars.

33- Star tool :

The Star tool lets you draw perfect stars.

34- Complex star tool :

The Complex star tool lets you draw complex stars that have intersecting sides.

35- Graph Paper Tool (D) :

This tool creates grids of complete and closed shapes according to the settings implemented in the Property Bar

36- Spiral Tool (A) :

This shape tool allows you to draw symmetrical and logarithmic spiral objects within your document.

37- Basic Shapes tool :

The basic set of perfect shapes containing a variety of geometric shapes ready for manipulation with the Pick and Shape tools, as well as special nodes that change a variety of features unique to each object.

38- Arrow Shapes tool :

A variety of perfect arrow shapes ready for use within your document and easily modified with the Shape and Pick tools and assorted dockers.

39- Flowchart Shapes tool :

These perfect shapes are fantastic for use within flowcharts and, as objects, have special nodes that you can manipulate with the Shape tool in order to edit the shape in a unique way.

40- Banner shapes tool :

The Banner shapes tool lets you draw ribbon objects and explosion shapes.

41- Callout shapes tool :

This is an assortment of Perfect Shapes ready for use within a document as preset objects that can be modified with the Shape and Pick tools, as well as their individual special nodes that change specific components of each Perfect Shape

42- Text Tool (F8) :

This tool allows users to create and modify artistic and paragraph text. Best paired with the Text Properties docker.

43- Table tool

The Table tool lets you draw and edit tables.

44- Parallel dimension tool :

The Parallel dimension tool lets you draw slanted dimension lines.

45- Horizontal or vertical dimension tool :

The Horizontal or vertical dimension tool lets you draw horizontal or vertical dimension lines.

46- Angular dimension tool :

The Angular dimension tool lets you draw angular dimension lines.

47- Segment dimension tool :

The Segment dimension tool lets you display the distance between end nodes in single or multiple segments.

48- 3-point callout tool :

The 3-point callout tool lets you draw a callout with a two-segment leader line.

49- Straight-line connector tool :

The Straight-line connector tool lets you draw a straight connector line.

50- Right-Angle Connector Tool :

This connector tool connects two objects with a right angle created by the user drawing the line itself. Users can also define the path's ends, width, color, radius, and style within the Property Bar or Object Properties docker.

51- Rounded right-angle connector tool :

The Rounded right-angle connector tool lets you draw a right-angle connector line with curved corners.

52- Edit anchor tool :

The Edit anchor tool lets you modify connector line anchor points.

53- Drop Shadow Tool :

This interactive tool allows you to create, place, modify, and copy a drop shadow effect on objects within your documents. Define settings manually or drag the shadow out from the object itself with the tool to create drop shadows quickly and easily. You can save and load preset drop shadows as well, speeding up your productivity within the program.

54- Contour tool :

The Contour tool lets you apply a contour to an object.

55- Blend :

This docker offers additional control to the user when creating blends with the Blend tool. Control the number of steps, acceleration, and style of color blend.

56- Distort tool :

The lets you apply a Push or Pull distortion, a Zipper distortion, or a Twister distortion to an object.

57- Envelope Tool :

This tool allows you to change the shape of an object by manipulating nodes surrounding the object in an envelope or bounding box instead of the object's nodes themselves.

58- Extrude tool :

The lets you apply the illusion of depth to objects.

59- Transparency tool :

The lets you apply transparencies to objects.

60- Color eyedropper tool :

The lets you select and copy a color from an object on the drawing window or the desktop.

61- Attributes eyedropper tool :

The lets you select and copy object properties, such as line thickness, size and effects, from an object on the drawing window.

62- Interactive Fill Tool (G) :

This tool allows full control over fill attributes, especially fountain fills, giving users the ability to define a fill's angle and placement dynamically versus defining it based on numerical inputs. Additional options are controllable through the Property Bar and Object Properties docker.

63- Mesh fill tool :

The Mesh fill tool lets you apply a mesh grid to an object.

64- Smart fill tool :

The Smart fill tool lets you create objects from enclosed areas and then apply a fill to those objects.

65- Outline tool :

The Outline tool opens a flyout that gives you quick access to items such as the Outline pen dialog box and Outline color dialog box.

66- Fill tool :

The Fill tool opens a flyout that gives you quick access to items such as the fill dialog boxes.