How to create font border
gradient design in InDesign

Font border multiple gradient design in 'InDesign'

border gradient

About gradient

Gradients can include Paper, process colors, spot colors, or mixed ink colors using any color mode. Gradients are defined by a series of color stops in the gradient bar. A stop is the point at which a gradient changes from one color to the next, and is identified by a color square under the gradient bar. By default, a gradient starts with two colors and a midpoint at 50%.

1- First i will creat a new 'A4' size page in InDesign, and margin i will selected in 1p0.


2- create a4 size page and margin are 1p0.


3-  Type tool used, and write a heading (DESIGN) and fill color is white, the size will be decided 124pt and page alignment is middle.


4-  Then fill color is none and border color is white.


5-  Select the subject and choose the gradient opition.


6-  Then click the side panel color swatch and many type color show here you create another color then double click the color and show here panel and many types of mode are there (CMYK, RGB, etc..) choose the color mode and then adjust this color then click OK.


7-  Drag the color and drop this gradient panel.


8-  There are two types of color modes (Linear, Radial).


9-  Then font border gradient design is completed, this is very attractive and beautiful