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Item Description
Info This tab is used to protect a workbook or worksheet so that others cannot make changes to the workbook. Commands on this tab can include Protect Document, Inspect Document, Manage Workbook, and Browser View Options.
New This category will provide a gallery of different templates, including Blank Workbook, which can be used to create a new workbook.
Open Click this option to open a previously saved workbook. A list of Recent Workbooks will display. To search for additional workbooks, click the This PC or Browser link.
Save – Use this option to save a workbook when it is first created. If this option is clicked after a workbook has been created, the older version of the workbook will be replaced with the newer version.
Save As This option is used to save a previously saved workbook under a new name or to a new location. Click the This PC or Browse button to open the Save As window
Save As Adobe PDF This feature will be available if you have Adobe Pro installed on the machine. It is an easy way to save an Excel Workbook as a PDF file.
Print Use this category to access the options for printing a workbook. A preview of the workbook along with printer options will appear in this view.
Share To send the workbook as an Attachment, as a Link, as a PDF file, or as an XPS file, select this option
Export This option is used to export a file in PDF or XPS format. It is also possible to change the file type for the workbook from this area.
Close To close a workbook, click this option. This will close the current workbook but not the Excel window.
Account This area is used to locate information about your account. It is also the area where the Office Theme and Office Background can be changed.
Options – Use this area to change the options for the Excel program. These options will not change until they are physically changed by you.