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How to use the move tools and selection tools in Photoshop cc

The Toolbar

    • Photoshop Move Tool
    • Move Tool (Keyboard: V )
    • The Move Tool is used to move layers, selections and guides within a Photoshop document. Enable "Auto-Select" to automatically select the layer or group you click on.
    • Photoshop Artboard Tool
    • Artboard Tool (Keyboard: shift + V )
    • The Artboard Tool (new in Photoshop CC) allows you to easily design multiple web or UX (user experience) layouts for different devices or screen sizes.
    • Photoshop Rectangular Marquee Tool
    • Rectangular Marquee Tool (Keyboard: M )
    • The Rectangular Marquee Tool draws rectangular selection outlines. Press and hold Shift as you drag to draw a square selection.

    • Photoshop Elliptical Marquee Tool
    • Elliptical Marquee Tool ( shift + M )
    • The Elliptical Marquee Tool draws elliptical selection outlines. Press and hold Shift to draw a selection in a perfect circle.
    • Photoshop Single Row Marquee Tool.
    • Single Row Marquee Tool
    • The Single Row Marquee Tool in Photoshop selects a single row of pixels in the image from left to right.
    • Photoshop Single Row Marquee Tool.
    • Single Column Marquee Tool
    • Use the Single Column Marquee Tool to select a single column of pixels from top to bottom.
    • Photoshop Lasso Tool.
    • Lasso Tool ( L )
    • With the Lasso Tool, you can draw a freeform selection outline around an object.
    • Photoshop Polygonal Lasso Tool.
    • Polygonal Lasso Tool ( shift + L )
    • Click around an object with the Polygonal Lasso Tool to surround it with a polygonal, straight-edged selection outline.
    • Photoshop Magnetic Lasso Tool.
    • Magnetic Lasso Tool ( shift + L )
    • The Magnetic Lasso Tool snaps the selection outline to the edges of the object as you move your mouse cursor around it.
    • Photoshop Quick Selection Tool.
    • Quick Selection Tool ( W )
    • The Quick Selection Tool lets you easily select an object simply by painting over it with a brush. Enable "Auto-Enhance" in the Options Bar for better quality selections.
    • Photoshop Magic Wand Tool.
    • Magic Wand Tool ( shift + W )
    • Photoshop's Magic Wand Tool selects areas of similar color with a single click. The "Tolerance" value in the Options Bar sets the range of colors that will be selected.